WAM House

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Internship and Employment Opportunities

The WAM House has established relationships with various businesses and organizations around the world to provide its participants opportunities to give back, be a part of something bigger than themselves, be exposed to other cultures, and provide for their needs through the wonderful world of work. These businesses and organizations range from non-profit Micro Enterprise Development organizations reaching out to children and women trapped in the sex trade of Thailand to a financial consulting company in the Midwest U.S.A.

The WAM House only acts as a portal or connector for the participants to the organizations and businesses. The partnering organizations and businesses are not obligated to hire or offer internships to participants: participants most successfully go through application and interviewing processes just as anyone would.

The overseas opportunities would be carried out after completing the WAM House program, which ends in June. Domestic opportunities may be pursued while in the program. Even though the relationships have been established with various organizations and businesses to provide for opportunities, there may be times when the organization or business may not have an open position due to down-turns in business, the position being filled, etc… The WAM House can make the contact for the participant, or the participant can reach out and do the contacting to explore the most current opportunities.

The opportunities fall into four categories: paid internships, non-paid internships, independent contractors and paid employee positions. Independent contractor means that you are self-employed and pay for your own of everything. It’s up to you to get business (having received training beforehand of course and constant communication with the company for whom you are selling). These are often great opportunities for those who are entrepreneurial, can live on a shoe-string budget for about twelve months until you build up a clientele, and are self-motivated. Most positions will tend to be non-paid internships, which may mean working another job to get the bills paid, yet still provides great opportunities for gaining valuable experience.

Paid Internship Opportunities

No opportunities at this time.

Non- Paid Internship Opportunities

Second Fiddle Ministries focuses on applying the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyday life. A primary area of interest is connecting those in the university with Christian micro-enterprise development efforts in Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America.  You need not still be in university to be involved in an internship. www.secondfiddle.org 



CAMED The Christian Agency for Micro Enterprise Development serves the people in Moldova through disbursement of business loans, business training and Christian outreach. CAMED’s work is empowering the local church for a new vision of the church to provide leadership for the country of Moldova.  They  support a wide spectrum of businesses through its services and in this way gives emerging entrepreneurs a working chance for their life as well existing business owners an opportunity to grow the business and to provide more employment opportunities for others. www.camedministries.org  



Cards from Africa’s mission is to improve the quality of life for orphaned youth in Rwanda. They provide them with employment handcrafting greeting cards that truly embody better lives. Their staff receive fair wages and valuable life skills while our customers are delivered excellence. Their business model is to provide a stepping-stone for their staff to transition easily to another career or start their own business someday. They are currently developing a program to effectively teach entrepreneurial, management, and practical business skills to their staff. CfA has gotten international recognition for their groundbreaking work and not only teach the adult orphans job skills, but share Jesus with them as well. www.cardsfromafrica.com


Trade Justice Mission is a non-profit organization that operates micro enterprise development cooperatives in the Philippines, Zambia, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia. They seek to empower the poor by helping them discover businesses that can help them help themselves out of poverty. One business, called Okoa, is a jewelry project that employs women trapped in thesex trades. Trade Justice Mission has an emphasis on advocacy and education regarding biblical economic justice issues. The current internship opportunities are in Columbus, Ohio. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEyhe1vVaAA  


The WAM House. Ok, well by now you probably know what we do. We need all kinds of help in marketing, marketing communications, administration, participant recruiting, intercessory prayer, etc…


Live the Dream. This is a for-profit apparel company with a heart for using part of their profits to help marginalized women. Their mission is to place a positive message on their clothing and give greater voice to those succeeding and living their dreams. A cool company with a cool vision. Visit www.golivethedream.com 

Independent Contractor Opportunities

Saving Without Sacrifice needs former WAM House participants who are interested in going through a Life Skills training on biblical financial and life skills principles and then building their own clientele, reaching out to other 20-Somethings. To learn more about this life-impacting company, visit www.savingwithoutsacrifice.com  

Paid Full-Time/Part-Time Employment Opportunities


No opportunities available at this time.