WAM House



Participants can choose to be involved in a variety of activities, some planned, some spontaneous, at the WAM House. Having fun together is one way to build community with peers. Whether it’s going to the movies together, cooking out in the back yard or going to watch a local theatrical performance, WAMers enjoy fellowshipping with each other outside the classroom. 

     Cross-cultural experiences

Korea flag
 Hong Kong

Because of the relationship the WAM House enjoys with ministry partner International Friendships, Inc. (we train IFI’s interns), many of our WAMers are from other countries, including India, China, Uzbekistan, Romania, Albania, and Mongolia. Indonesia, Macau, Taiwan and the USA have also been represented in our program.

      Program Volunteering

Occasionally, participants will be asked to help with WAM House functions and administration. This will be minimal. Examples include helping to prepare for an event, recruiting, attend events as a group or individual, etc…



Current Students

Field trip

John Beckett @RW Beckett Co. 

Don Lee @ Horizon Co. 

 Chuck Proudfit, Faith Foward

 Kip Morse 2010

 RJ Lowery

Stanley Tam 

 Franklinton Visiting

 Tim Troyer


 WAM Class

 Chip Weiant and Tyler Flynn

 Tim Kight

 Robert Caldwell

 Bob Ostrander


WAM2010 20-Somethings & Workplace Spirituality Forum



Amish Country Visits





Coblentz Chocolates


John Beckett  RW Beckett Inc.


Stanley Tam  U.S. Plastic


Tim Troyer  The Reckoning




Creation Museum


Spontaneous Combustion


Peking Acrobats Columbus Palace Theatre


Tim & Brenda Kight  Cap City Diner


Marketplace Commissioning & Graduation