WAM House

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A program participant should leave the WAM House program equipped to be...

generous with their time, treasure and talent,
culture and marketplace problem solvers,
for Kingdom influence and impact in the marketplace.


  • That their work matters to God, we are co-laborers with Him, our job is of value and should be done with excellence
  • Being called to Marketplace Ministry through a vocational secular occupation is as valuable as being called to Vocational Ministry
  • How to integrate their faith in the workplace and the marketplace
  • A better sense of how they are wired for their specific purpose and calling
  • Ways to share Christ in the workplace
  • How to develop relationship with a mentor
  • How transformation occurs and the steps needed to bring transformation
  • How holiness, love, and justice should inform our decision making in the workplace










Equipped with tools for...

  • Solving ethical dilemmas
    • As an employer
    • As an employee
    • With customers
    • With balancing work and the home
    • With sexual dilemmas in the workplace
  • Communicating cross-culturally
  • Being an agent or catalyst for change
  • Getting along with with your boss and peers without bending to unethical pressures
  • Overcoming obstacles of being like Christ in the workplace
  • Better Stewardship
  • Getting things done without sacrificing integrity