WAM House


One way organizations and businesses could get involved is by providing  internship opportunities for participants to work for them. The business would give a job description and expectations, the WAM House would screen and direct applicants to the business that might be a likely fit. Collaborative ministries might work with the WAM House by hosting preview sessions, having WAM House staff come in to speak to young adults about Marketplace Ministry topics, etc…International Friendship, Inc. (www.ifiusa.org) is sending their ministry interns through the WAM House program to receive Life-Work training. To find out how the WAM House can help your organization with training your 20-Somethings, please contact us.

"John is an amazing person who has done an excellent job at helping the interns from IFI who are a part of the WAM ministry to grow in vision, develop convictions, and serve others. He has imparted life to these interns and has been creative, dynamic, and cheerful in the way he has designed and implimented the internship. John is easy to work with, responsible in what he does, and godly in the way he lives. John is a great person to work with.”

Rich Mendola, Executive Director, International Friendships, Inc.