WAM House

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If we as Believers are to have maximum influence and impact in our marketplace and culture, we must do more than share Christ with our words: we must also share Christ through our competence and character. Without first excelling in these two areas, the door more often than not will be closed to share about Christ. With this in mind, the WAM House curriculum consists of a three part bundle for optimum professional and spiritual development: Competence, Character, and Kingdom Perspective.


Kingdom Perspective is defined by engaging life through a Biblical worldview, which includes discipleship and evangelism. Kingdom perspective must include a theology of work, which should inform our character and drive for competence. Four terms are spread over nine months of training, with class being held one evening per week. The class format is book study discussion, typically over supper, supplemented by speakers or mentors. Participants discuss the topic and how/if it applies to daily work life. The students should not only be able to discuss the book, but know how to cross reference to the Bible for supporting passages on key topics. 

   ü  Module One: Theology of Work and Personal Calling

   ü  Module Two: Becoming a Spiritual Influence at Work

   ü  Module Three: Becoming a Transformation Catalyst

   ü  Module Four: Christian Ethics


Character is who we are as demonstrated by how we act. What’s in our hearts and “programming” will be evident as we go about life. A Believer can’t have a positive influence in culture if they lack Christ-like character. We use Biblically-based materials developed by LaRed Business Network, which has been used in governments, businesses and educational systems to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands in almost 50 countries. Around a million people have been trained with the materials, including those at the highest levels of government and business influence. The materials are transformational in workplaces as the lives of those going through the materials are transformed. The WAM House will be using the Values Based curriculum, which is developed for the marketplace. Our vision is to see WAMers be transformed by the materials and use it to help transform others in local and global marketplaces. Character formation class is held once each week in a round table format. Emphasis is on personal accountability and transformation. John is a certified LaRed trainer.


Competence is demonstrating our ability to perform a task well. This can include technical skill sets needed to complete a job, and soft skills or life skills. Others respect a person’s excellence in doing their job first, their character second, and their Kingdom perspective third. Competence opens the doors for respect, character keeps the door open, and Kingdom perspective helps speak into the core issues. The WAM House recognizes that competency in certain basic but important life skills is necessary for opening the door to living a vibrant life and sharing one’s Kingdom perspective in the workplace. The WAM House will be expanding competency development in Leadership and Life Skills. Competency training is delivered by Christian marketplace leaders in the form of workshops, mentoring, peer round tables, seminars and/or weekend leadership retreats.