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Destinations: Kingdom Business Tours

A favorite of WAMers, Kingdom Business tours provide a way for them to interact with Christian business leaders who are integrating some of the things we are learning in the program. Businesses visited include U.S. Plastic and Stanley Tam, RW Beckett Corp. and John Beckett, LaRed Business Network, Digital Dish, Coblentz Chocolate, ‘Tis the Season, Dutchman Hospitality and The Reckoning. It is no cliché that these visits were life-impacting on some of the WAMers. Some have told others what they experienced. When a young businessman was sharing with one of our former WAMers that he didn’t believe that a person could be successful in business and be a Christian, she said, “That’s what I used to think until I met someone through the WAM House who is doing it.” That young man is now being mentored by two very successful businessmen through the WAM House mentoring program.

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