WAM House

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Community Organizations. Participants will be given the opportunity to serve the poor in Columbus through local organizations. A list will be provided and on-site visits will be conducted before the end of September. Participants will select one or two of the organizations to volunteer at on a weekly basis for the remainder of the program.   

Neighborhood Service. Participants will be required to spend 20minutes per week serving the neighborhood by doing street cleanup. This may include trash pick-up, pulling weeds, etc… Participants may work together in teams if they choose and can schedule their service as best suits their schedules. Gloves, trash bags, trash tongs, and other supplies will be provided and kept on the 405 side in the basement or basement landing. Why neighborhood service? A couple of reasons. One is to model to neighbors stewardship in our community as well as taking a healthy pride in the neighborhood. Also, there is the “Broken Window Theory” of social science that says that one un-repaired broken window in a neighborhood can lead to the decline of the neighborhood. In essence, when people take care of their homes and the neighborhood, those who target a neighborhood as a place to conduct illegal activity will see that people are involved and aware of what goes on. Criminals don’t want this, and so usually gravitate toward neighborhoods where people are less involved. When enough people start taking care of their properties and neighborhood, momentum starts to shift and criminals start to move out.

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