WAM House

What People Are Saying

“…the WAM House has helped me to see that I can use my interests and how God has made me to minister without being in the ministry.” Heena

hennyJakarta, Indonesia – “Just yesterday I met a church friend who had started a garment factory last year. It was good in the beginning of the business, but currently it's in a dire situation, so bad that she's considering closing it down. (She even has some debt.)  I strongly feel that God wants her to reconstruct how she manages people and also the value of company.  She asked me whether I want to help … I do really feel this is the ideal place to help if I were to apply what I've learned through WAM house so far. It’s a place where I can even contribute to the company's values and structure.” Henny

"John is an amazing person who has done an excellent job at helping the interns from IFI who are a part of the WAM ministry to grow in vision, develop convictions, and serve others. He has imparted life to these interns and has been creative, dynamic, and cheerful in the way he has designed and implemented the internship. John is easy to work with, responsible in what he does, and godly in the way he lives. John is a great person to work with.”

Rich Mendola, Executive Director, International Friendships, Inc.

Beijing, China- “I went to Ohio State for my in Master’s in Accounting. I accepted Christ while I was studying in OSU. After I got my masters, I did a one-year internship with International Friendships Inc. and at the same time went through the WAM House program. During the time of WAM House training, we visited several Kingdom businesses in Ohio (including the headquarters of Beckett Corp.), and I was very impressed by the work in those places. To me Kingdom business was a fresh and very attractive concept, and it changed my view of job and career.” Xing



Connecting with WAM House mentors has been a blessed experience and a tremendous source of encouragement. The best part is that my mentors have excelled in the very same professional areas as I intend to, by integrating it with their Christian calling. I am very thankful for John and his ministry and look forward to seeing other professionals be blessed by it. Benny (India)

Before I came to WAM House, I was really struggling with what I should be doing as far as vocational work or career kind of work.  I was struggling if I want to be a minister of the gospel, and you know how I can go to that area. It was a kind of prayer that God would give me a kind of foundation for my life, that He would be able to use me in greater and greater ways. I found out about WAM House and it really stirred my spirit that I should go through the program. Through WAM House I really learned that work place and ministry are not two separate things. David


There’s so many things that I learned in WAM House since the past year.   I learned so much about what work means from God, and how God refers to work. The fact that he considers work to be holy, to be important, as we spend most of our lives in the work place. We know that we’re supposed be a Christian redemptive agent in the work place. So I think that’s one amazing thing that I know that I will carry on through my studies and work when I get a job. I’ll be able to apply all these wonderful things that I learned in this place. Estera


John, Thank you for the opportunity to speak at your seminar this morning. I couldn't help but think several of your students could have stayed longer and had continuing discussions on leadership. If I read that correctly and they would want to talk in more detail, I would love to spend more time with them. I left their totally energized and want to further help if I can. I spoke with Shuhan Luo afterward and offered to help her as she continues to pursue her Masters in HR… Regards, Fred (Retired UPS Executive, WAM House Volunteer)


“I have traveled across the U.S. and internationally, and I have to say that the mentoring program of the WAM House is one of the premier programs in the country!”Kent Humphreys, World Ambassador, Fellowship of Companies for Christ International. Successful business leader. Author of numerous books, including Christ@Work In Your Transition: From the Campus to the Marketplace.

Joanie Taddeo "This is the most complete training model I have ever seen! Impressive job. Your model has what ours was missing." Retired award-winning Fortune 500 corporate trainer, Joanie Taddeo